Meet Our Team


Each member of our team is extensively trained and experienced in their role. We make sure that every aspect of your treatment is attended to with care and a smile. We are happy to answer all questions about procedures, appointments and coordinate treatment.

Our friendly, knowledgeable administrative staff is skilled in meeting your scheduling needs, filing insurance claims and helping you with financial arrangements. Your administrative needs are always handled efficiently and professionally.

The entire team regularly attends continuing education classes in order to stay knowledgeable in the newest developments.


Administrative Coordinator

As Administrative Coordinator, I am responsible for keeping the day-to-day organizational and financial aspects of the practice in order. I also manage all facets related to Human Resources and staff development. I continually enjoy striving to make our practice a more enjoyable place for our patient families to receive the best in quality oral health care. I take personal pride in producing a warm, efficient and stimulating work environment for our exceptional dental team.



Operating Room Coordinator

Dental Assistant

Hello! As an Office Administrative Assistant, my position allows for me to interact with all aspects of the dental office. I am one of the first smiling faces you see when you enter our office. It gives me pleasure to welcome our patient families into what I believe is the very best pediatric dental office, ever. My responsibilities include working with parents and insurance companies to make sure the lines of communication flow appropriately. I assist parents by explaining to them all of the financial options available and helping them to receive the full benefits of their plans. The most enjoyable part of my job is helping parents put a beautiful and healthy smile on their children’s face.



NATALIERegistered Dental Assistant

Hi. I provide quality dental care for the children of our practice. My educational background has helped me be confident in enthusiastically answering questions that parents might have in regard to their child’s needs. I am in charge of our Sterilization and Instrumentation Program, assuring that everything in the office is clean and safe for patient care. My favorite part of my position is being able to work with our timid, fearful young children. I like to take time to calm them and to make them comfortable as they climb onto our dental chairs. I try to always treat them as I would my own child, offering a big smile and warm concern. I thoroughly enjoy working with the children that have disabilities; it has become a very fulfilling part of my daily life. Being part of this office is a very rewarding experience. It makes me wake up every morning with a smile.



Registered Dental Assistant

I have been a part of Dr. Mungo’s team for over seven years. I love pediatric dentistry because I get to work with children and caring parents. What keeps me fresh and motivates me, is that I know every day brings new opportunities for me to change someone’s life. My days are exciting and challenging in this profession. I enjoy being part of this team because I know the staff always lends a helping hand when I need it. Being an R.D.A. is truly something special. Being able to eliminate discomfort from a little child and being able to hear them say, "Look Mommy! My teeth are sparkling." is what it is all about.